Ensuring Protection Of Your Home Porn Collection: Best Tips

There are few smart ways to conceal your digital porn collection. Of course, as regards old-school DVDs or CD-Roms, you have to stash these physical items around the house, but with photos and video files, there are many more options.

First of all, identify the possible threat. Who could possibly see it, and what would be the consequences? Your partner may not care about porn as much as you think. However, even if you live alone, there are possible downsides to mindlessly throwing the files in the “Documents” folder: read more

Why VR Porn Is Gaining Popularity So Fast

The advance of virtual reality has transformed the entertainment industry. Now, VR technology has taken over the world of porn, and this recent transformation is taking the Internet by the storm. So much so that a third of all data transferred online is said to be VR porn-related.

The scope of penetration is thus immense. Moreover, the rise occurred at a cosmic speed: starting off with a tiny pack of 30 videos in 2016, VR porn https://xxxreal.com had over 2600 of them by mid-2017. Now, there are estimated to be over 150 million active users of virtual porn in the world, and they are using technological innovations to the fullest. read more

VR Porn: The Revolution Is Here, And It Is Amazing

What started two years ago as a handful of unconventional videos, has sparked a full-blown porn revolution, transforming the concept of pleasurable time. As a viewer, you are no longer a passive onlooker – with a VR headset, you become a participant, watching the action through the eyes of a character in the show.

Porn is not a flat image anymore – choosing and shifting angles is now up to you. Watch from above, below, or from the side – in a way, it is like directing camerawork in your own fantasy scenes. The porn industry has a tool creating what its production was always missing – the sensation of the first-hand experience. read more